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Explore our extensive collection of Paramo clothing, tailored for all your outdoor adventures. With a passion for exploration, Paramo recognises the significance of dependable, high-performance gear that will keep you dry in the harshest conditions and allow you to reach the wildest places safely and sustainably.

Paramo clothing has been thoughtfully produced to tackle whatever outdoor activity while having very little impact on the environment. Discover a range of items, including waterproof coats, smocks, breathable base layers, and hiking trousers, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your next adventure, whether it's hiking, trekking, or a countryside walk.

Our range also features windproof fleeces, gilets, and beanies designed to provide protection in cold and windy conditions. Look no further than Paramo, your go-to brand for high-quality outdoor gear that has been designed not to become obsolete, unlike traditional waterproof jackets, and is easily repairable even after years of use.

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Paramo Clothing

Paramo sets itself apart with its award-winning revolutionary Nikwax Analogy fabric system. This unique technology offers ultra-breathable and high performance, specialising in directing condensation, sweat, and rain away from the wearer. Paramo's range of outdoor clothing, including waterproof jackets, stands out for its durability and easy repairability, distinguishing it from conventional waterproofs featuring laminates and taped seams. Paramo is committed to providing lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come.

Sustainability and Care

At Paramo, sustainability is a core value. Their garments, including windproof trousers, fleeces, and coats, are designed to last, can be repaired, reused, and, at the end of their life, fully recycled. Since 1992, Paramo&rsquo's workshop has facilitated the repair and alteration of their garments, with many original waterproof jackets still performing well after 15+ years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paramo

What does the drip skirt on my Paramo jacket/smock do?It provides you with excellent weather protection! All Paramo waterproof jackets and smocks benefit from a two inch drip skirt over the hem drawcord. This is elasticated for comfort and ease of movement and will aid water shedding and help minimise wet trousers. Why are Paramo’s sleeves and cuffs bigger than others?To allow you to roll them up easily, as exposing your forearms provides maximum surface cooling. Why have a fixed hood?For those activities where a fixed-hood is an absolute must, such as alpinism and adventure racing. What is the benefit of a fixed wire peak on the hood?Field of vision is improved and water is deflected more efficiently. The fixed wire peak is particularly beneficial for those who wear glasses.