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About Paramo

The paramo is an area of the Andes Mountains, in South America, between the upper limit of the forests and the lower limit of the snowline. It was here, in 1986, around 3800m above sea level that Nick Brown tested his first garment and fabric combinations to their limits - staying warm, dry and comfortable. Six years later, in 1992, Nick met with Sister Esther Castaño Mejia, who was running a small sewing workshop, offering practical help to women rescued from the streets of Bogota. Working together, the production of Paramo garments began with the Miquelina Foundation in Colombia.
Paramo Directional Clothing offers high performance, sustainable outdoor clothing. Intelligent design combines with directional fabrics to ensure the comfort and safety of the wearer across a wide range of weather conditions and throughout a variety of outdoor activities.


Paramo is a specialist in the use of directionality, as the clothing directs condensation, sweat and rain to where you need it to be, which is usually away from you.


From 2 old sewing machines and few seamstresses back in Bogota in 1992, Paramo is celebrating 30 years of protecting people outdoors with high performance, sustainable and award-winning clothing.


We ensure that our garments are designed to last, can be repaired, are reused, and at the end of their life, fully recycled.

Care & Repair

Our workshop was established in 1992, enabling the repair and alteration of Paramo garments, as a result, many of our original jackets still performing equally well after 15+ years.

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