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We know that every trekker, hiker, and walker needs reliable gear to conquer any trail. That's why we're proud to offer the best selection of Buffalo Clothing, designed to keep you comfortable, protected, and ready for any adventure. From outdoor trousers to robust jackets with features that are proven to enhance performance. We have everything you need to explore the great outdoors and help you make the most of your next outdoor excursion!

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About Buffalo

Warmth, protection and unfailing performance over long periods of time will always drive Buffalo Systems vision and is this something they will never compromise on. Buffalo Systems will never cease to seek out the most technologically advanced fabric, their focus on design for function over fast fashion will never shift, only ever changing things up and including new features that will actually make a difference. This is why, for over 42 years, so many serious outdoor enthusiasts and professionals choose Buffalo Systems for their adventures, expeditions and work in the outdoors.


Buffalo Systems use a variety of technologies to help achieve the best possible performance in every conceivable weather condition. Combining a synthetic pile material which sheds water quickly and provides thermal support even when wet, with a tightly woven Pertex outer that provides a lightweight, hard wearing soft fabric which has been treated with a PFC free water repellent finish.


Born in 1979 when Hamish Hamilton grew frustrated with the poor levels of performance and the severe lack of longevity in outdoor clothing and sleeping bags. Hamish looked to the indigenous people who stayed dry and comfortable in the Arctic Circle using animal hides. Mills in Lancashire provided the final piece of the puzzle for Hamis when they created Pertex, ever since they’ve stood happily between you and the wilderness.


Buffalo Systems produce hard-wearing, long-lasting products that are good to go adventure after adventure, year after year. Believing this is one of the biggest impacts a company can make to promote better sustainability. Not only do they make sure that their products are fit for purpose after years of use but they also take responsibility for minimizing their impact on the planet through their manufacturing techniques.

Care & Repair

Repairing and caring correctly for your outdoor gear is the single biggest action we can all take to reduce our impact on the environment and keep Buffalo’s going for longer and out of landfill. Buffalo offer all types of repairs from simple patch repairs caused by a campfire ember to full replacement panels or zips. Washing your Buffalo keeps it performing at its best, wash with Nikwax Techwash before using Nikwax TX Direct Spray-on to renew its water repellency.