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The Best All Terrain Running Shoes at Crib Goch Outdoor

The best all-terrain running shoes are designed to provide a combination of features that enhance performance, durability, and versatility across different types of terrain. Here are some key factors to consider when looking for the best all-terrain running shoe:

  1. Traction:
    Excellent traction is crucial for running on varied surfaces, including trails, mud, gravel, rocks, and slippery conditions. Look for shoes with aggressive lugs or a multidirectional tread pattern on the outsole that can grip the terrain effectively and provide stability and confidence.

  2. Durability:
    Running on diverse terrains can be demanding on shoes, so durability is important. Opt for shoes with reinforced toe caps, protective overlays, and durable materials that can withstand rocks, roots, and rough surfaces without showing excessive wear and tear.

  3. Cushioning and Protection:
    Adequate cushioning is essential to absorb the impact of running on uneven and rocky terrain. Look for shoes with cushioning technologies in the midsole that provide a comfortable and responsive ride. Additionally, features like a rock plate or protective overlays can safeguard your feet against sharp objects and offer added protection.

  4. Stability and Support:
    Running on uneven surfaces requires stability and support to prevent ankle rolls and promote a confident stride. Look for shoes with features like a supportive midsole, secure lacing systems, and a well-designed upper that holds your foot securely in place.

  5. Lightweight and Flexibility:
    All-terrain running shoes should strike a balance between durability and lightweight construction. Lightweight shoes allow for agility and faster movement, while flexibility in the midsole and outsole helps adapt to uneven surfaces and promotes a more natural stride.

  6. Water and Moisture Resistance:
    If you plan to run in wet or muddy conditions, consider shoes with water-resistant or quick-drying materials. These features will help keep your feet dry, comfortable, and less prone to blisters or discomfort.

  7. Fit:
    An excellent all-terrain running shoe should provide a secure and comfortable fit. Look for shoes that offer a roomy toe box, a snug heel fit, and the ability to adjust laces or closures to achieve a personalized fit.

When it comes to all-terrain running shoes, Hoka, Altra, and Dynafit offer excellent options known for their performance and versatility. Here are some top models from each brand that are highly regarded for all-terrain running:


  1. Hoka Speedgoat:
    The Speedgoat is a popular choice among trail runners. It offers exceptional cushioning, reliable traction, and a supportive fit. The aggressive Vibram outsole with multidirectional lugs provides excellent grip on a variety of terrains.

  2. Hoka Challenger ATR:
    The Challenger ATR is a versatile shoe designed for both road and trail running. It features a well-cushioned midsole, a durable outsole with multidirectional lugs, and a lightweight construction that allows for agility on all terrains.


  1. Altra Lone Peak:
    The Altra Lone Peak series is a favorite among trail runners. It offers a roomy toe box, zero-drop platform, and excellent traction. The shoe's MaxTrac outsole with TrailClaw lugs provides reliable grip on various surfaces, while the cushioned midsole offers comfort and protection.

  2. Altra Timp:
    The Altra Timp is a versatile all-terrain shoe suitable for long-distance running. It features a cushioned midsole, a durable outsole with multidirectional lugs, and a roomy toe box that allows for natural foot splay. The shoe also provides good stability and protection on challenging terrain.


  1. Dynafit Ultra 100:
    The Ultra 100 is designed for long-distance trail running. It provides a balance of cushioning and stability, with a durable outsole that offers excellent traction. The shoe's lightweight construction and comfortable fit make it suitable for various terrains and distances.

Ultimately, the best all-terrain running shoe for you will depend on your specific preferences, foot characteristics, and the type of terrain you'll be running on. It's recommended to try on different models and consider factors such as fit, cushioning, traction, and support, and seek advice from our experts or specialty running stores to find the perfect shoe for your adventures on various terrains.

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