Crocs you either love them or you hate them, since you’re already looking at the size guide you’ve probably tried a pair on before and buy your first pair. Crocs have caused some confusion with the way they print the US size on the sole of the shoe and rather vaguely call it M|W, so when you order a UK size it may appear that we’ve sent you they wrong size. We won’t. Crocs typically boast a more “roomy” fit further compounding the belief we’ve sent you too big a size… we’ve really won’t.

Take a look at the Crocs Size Guide below to get the best fit before you place your order with us at Crib Goch Outdoor.

Customer Heel to Toe Length20cm21cm22cm23cm24cm25cm26cm27cm28cm29cm30cm31cm32cm33cm34cm35cm
UK Women234567891011121314151617
UK Men12345678910111213141516
USM2 | W4M3 | W5M4 | W6M5 | W7M6 | W8M7 | W9M8 | W10M9 | W11M10 | W12M11 | W13M12 | W14M13 | W15M14 | W16M15 | W17M16 | W18M17 | W19

How to Measure for your Crocs.

  1. Place your foot on a piece of paper.
  2. Trace your foot, make sure you stay as close as possible to your heel and your toes.
  3. Measure the point from your heel to your longest toe. This is your Heel-to-Toe length.
Crocs Size Guide how to measure image

Tip: Crocs come in whole sizes only. They may run large or small depending on the style. Please check the Size Chart on the specific style’s page to see if you should size up or down.

Chris at Crib Goch Outdoor

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