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Lifesystems Hurricane Whistle Lifesystems Hurricane Whistle
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Hurricane Whistle Product code(s): 42620 One of the loudest whistles available, the Hurricane performs in all weather conditions and can be heard in all directions and further away than other whistles. 122dB loudness Tri-tone sound Floats on water Neck lanyard and attachment clip Weight: 15g Dimensions: 13 x 63 x 23mm Items: 1
Sol Mag Striker with Tinder Cord Sol Mag Striker with Tinder Cord
3 in stock
Mag Striker with Tinder Cord Start a fire even in the fiercest weather conditions with the Mag Striker with Tinder Cord. The easy-to-use magnesium rod features an integrated ferrocerium flint that creates a shower of sparks to start over 100 fires. A robust handle ensures a secure grip even when wearing gloves in the coldest weather conditions. The included tinder cord lanyard with a waxed cotton…
Highlander Basha Shelter Highlander Basha Shelter save
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Basha Shelter HMTC SKU MA100 TECHNICAL A shelter used mainly for survival, it's a versatile tarp that ties to a tree. Useful for military and bush craft operations. Tough and durable waterproof coating Popper studs - attach 2 or more Bashas together for a longer shelter Use as a sleeping bag cover or emergency stretcher Colour: HMTC Size: 250cm (L) Material: 210D ripstop polyester Dimensions: 250c…
Highlander Double Survival Bag XL Highlander Double Survival Bag XL
13 in stock
Highlander Double Survival Bag XL Suitable for 2 People Bright orange for high visability even in bad weather Can be improvised to form a short term shelter Specifications: Fabric/Materials: PVC Size: 120cm x 210cm Weight: 380g
Highlander Reflective Survival Blanket Highlander Reflective Survival Blanket
64 in stock
Highlander Reflective Survival Blanket - Essential as part of your outdoor survival pack - Helps retain body heat in emergency outdoor situations - Compact, lightweight and easy to cary Open size: 210x132cm Weight:
Highlander Water Resistant Survival Case Highlander Water Resistant Survival Case save
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10 in stock
Water Resistant Survival Case SKU: SUR004 TECHNICAL A small plastic storage box with signalling mirror which is ideal for keeping survival essentials. Internal mirror - can be used for signal mirror Colour: Olive Size: Small Material: Case: polypropylene, mirror - acrylic, Sea: rubber Dimensions: 12cm x 9cm x 3.5cm OVERVIEW A small plastic storage box with signalling mirror which is ideal for keep…
Lifesystems 15 Hour Light Sticks Lifesystems 15 Hour Light Sticks
19 in stock
Light Sticks Product code: 42410 These Light Sticks are primarily designed as emergency signalling devices. Each Light Stick lasts for up to 15 hours (green/orange) or 8 hours (white). They come in both green and orange or white colours. To activate just bend, snap and shake thoroughly. Full glow will just take a few seconds. FEATURES 2 x 15 hour (green/orange) or 2 x 8 hour (white) light sticks (…
Lifesystems Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter Lifesystems Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter
25 in stock
Ferrocerium Rod Fire Starter Product code: 42213 A compact and durable ferrocerium rod fire starter that offers a safe and convenient way of starting a fire in all weather conditions. The ferrocerium spark rod produces extremely high temperature sparks at 2,980ºC making it easier to light a fire in any weather or at altitude. Ideal for use with dry fibrous tinder or gas stoves and more. FEATURES F…
Lifesystems Heatshield Blanket Single Lifesystems Heatshield Blanket Single
13 in stock
Heatshield Thermal Blanket Product code: 42160 A reusable and lightweight thermal blanket for one or two people that reflects and retains 90% of radiated body heat and reduces windchill. Highly visible and radar reflective for search and rescue teams, this flexible and compact strong blanket is also made from tear-resistant material. FEATURES Heat reflective metalised low-density polyethylene Reus…
Lifesystems Mountain Thermal Bag Lifesystems Mountain Thermal Bag
59 in stock
The Thermal Bag provides total body coverage for maximum personal protection. When inside the bag, it will reflect and retain over 90% of radiated body heat. An essential part of any outdoor survival kit. Strong, metalised polyester materials Windproof, waterproof & radar reflective Thermally welded & taped seams Weight: 220 g Dimensions: 90 x 140 x 38 mm Dimensions (unpacked): 240 x 90 cm
Lifesystems Mountain Whistle Lifesystems Mountain Whistle save
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A whistle is recommended as an essential item for people in the outdoors. The Mountain Whistle is a tough, lightweight aluminium alloy whistle. Comes in Grey or Orange 100dB loudness Anodised alloy body Key-ring attachment Weight: 11 g Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 60 mm Items: 1
Lifesystems Stormproof Matches Lifesystems Stormproof Matches
23 in stock
Stormproof Matches Product code: 42230 These stormproof matches are a simple but essential piece of kit for the outdoors. They light quickly and perform in all weather conditions and each match will provide a good sized flame which burn for up to 20 seconds. Stored in a watertight container. FEATURES Robust watertight container that keeps matches dry 25 windproof and waterproof matches 3 strike pa…
Lifesystems Stormproof Matches Refill Pack Lifesystems Stormproof Matches Refill Pack
17 in stock
Lifesystems Windproof & Waterproof Fire Matches Each refill pack contains 15 matches stored in a plastic bag with a replacement adhesive striker.
Lifesystems Thermal Blanket Lifesystems Thermal Blanket
14 in stock
Thermal Blanket A lightweight, compact thermal blanket which, when wrapped around the body, reflects and retains over 90% of radiated body heat in the event of an accident or trauma, or when the weather suddenly turns cold. FEATURES Strong, metallised polyester materials Windproof and waterproof Radar reflective THECHNICAL DETAILS Weight: 55g Dimensions (packed): 90 x 100 x 28mm Dimensions (unpack…
Lifesystems Ultralight Survival Shelter - 2 Person Lifesystems Ultralight Survival Shelter - 2 Person
1 in stock
Ultralight Survival Shelter 2 Product code: 42330 This is a supremely lightweight survival shelter, weighing just 215g. Easy to deploy and re-pack it is suitable for use in all weathers, creating a surprisingly warm and sheltered internal micro-climate. Survival shelters are an essential item of safety equipment for any outdoor activity. FEATURES Designed for 2 people Ultra-lightweight design 20D…
Primus PowerLighter III Primus PowerLighter III
9 in stock
Primus PowerLighter Item no.: P733307 Primus PowerLighter with a narrow flame makes it simple to light your stove or camp fire. A temperature of 1300°C facilitates lighting liquid fuels in bad weather. TECHNICAL DETAILS Weight: 67 g Width: 20 mm Height: 80 mm Depth: 50 mm GAS NOT INCLUDED
Sol Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle Sol Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle
14 in stock
SOL Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle Be prepared for the unexpected with the SOL Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle and Tinder Cord. The lightest emergency bivvy on the market, weighing a mere 3.5 oz. and packing down smaller than a 12 oz. soda can. The waterproof, windproof material reflects 90% of body heat while sealed seams keep out rain, wind, and snow. Start a fire with the tinder cord i…
Sol Emergency Bivvy XL Sol Emergency Bivvy XL
9 in stock
Emergency Bivvy XL If you and your partner are forced to spend an unexpected night outdoors, on the side of the road, or in your home without heat, count on the Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Bivvy XL to keep you warm and dry. Made from tear-resistant, aluminum-coated polyethylene, this bivvy reflects 90% of your body heat back to you, providing life-saving warmth, and is sealed to protect you…
Sol Thermal Bivvy Sol Thermal Bivvy
7 in stock
Thermal Bivvy Warmth and durability for any season! The SOL Thermal™ bivvy's metalized non-woven fabric provides waterproof protection from the elements while reflecting 80% of your body's heat back to you. The SOL Thermal™ bivvy offers more versatility than traditional emergency sleeping bags - the extremely durable fabric resists rips and tears, and thanks to its soft face and aggressive side-ve…
Soto Pocket Blow Torch Soto Pocket Blow Torch
3 in stock
Description: Electron ignition! Strong wind-resistant burner. Disposable lighter becomes a wind-resistant burner. The Pocket Torch uses disposable lighter fuel. Light the Pocket Torch with a disposable lighter and produce a flame that reaches temperatures up to 1300°C (approx. 2,300 °F). The Pocket Torch becomes a powerful, wind-resistant burner. A disposable lighter increases its lifespan by 60%…
Soto Pocket Torch XT Soto Pocket Torch XT
5 in stock
The Pocket Blow Torch XT is a compact blow torch with an extendable burner head allowing the user to reach awkward places and keep thier hands at a safe distance from danger. The flame reaches temperatures of up to 1300°C (approx 2300°F) and is very wind resistant. Ignition is by a piezo lighter. It is re-fillable from a butane canister using the SOTO fill adaptor. Gas not included. Size: 3.5 x 1.…
Trekmates Hexagon Tarp Trekmates Hexagon Tarp save
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HEXAGON TARP Tough and durable weatherproof tarp with a hexagonal shape to better cover hammocks and bivis. SPECIFICATION Ripstop polyester (Waterproof PU coating) Hexagonal shape optimized for hammocks Six corner attachment points One central attachment point Guyline and eyelet included on each attachment Ridge line attachment points are longer to fit of a branch or paddle SIZING 320cm x 280cm (R…
Trekmates Square Tarp Trekmates Square Tarp save
Save 15%
3 in stock
SQUARE TARP Versatile, large multi-person Tarp with 16 attachment points, made from durable weatherproof fabric. DETAILS A versatile, large multi-person tarp. Its durable lightweight fully taped 68D ripstop polyester with DRY waterproof and breathable technology offers high levels of protection. 16 webbing loop attachment points make it highly adaptive and pitching a breeze, whilst its small pack…
Trekmates Thermo Blanket Trekmates Thermo Blanket
22 in stock
Trekmates Thermo Blanket The lightweight Trekmates Thermo Blanket is compact and highly visible. It's windproof, water resistant, has a twin layer construction and reflects body heat to keep you protected in emergencies. Features and benefits; Windproof Water resistant High visability Lightweight Twin layers Reflects body heat Size 130 x 200cm Approx -359g


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