Are you ready to elevate your hiking experience to new heights? Look no further than LEKI’s range of walking poles. We sat down with James Moorcroft, a pole expert from LEKI distributor Ardblair, to delve into the world of walking poles and uncover why, when, and how you should be using them.

Leki Poles Guide

Why Use Leki Poles?

Walking poles aren’t just accessories – they’re game-changers. James highlights the myriad benefits of using poles, from injury prevention to improved stability and posture. With each pole plant, you’ll feel 20% of your weight lifted from your feet and knees, leaving you with fresh legs and the energy to truly savor every step of your adventure.

When to Use Leki Poles

The answer? Always! If you’re hitting the hills, your poles should be right there with you. Whether you’re tackling a challenging ascent or enjoying a leisurely stroll, poles enhance your performance and enjoyment. However, it’s crucial to stow them away when traversing hazardous terrain to avoid potential entanglements.

How to Master Your Poles

Setting your poles to the correct height is key. With a right angle at the elbow, you’ll achieve optimal positioning for maximum efficiency. Slip your hand through the strap, allowing it to rest between your hand and the grip. Now, with the base of your hand, push down firmly as you walk, ensuring the left pole hits the ground with your right foot, and vice versa.

With LEKI walking poles, you’re not just walking – you’re striding with confidence, stability, and power. So, whether you’re embarking on a challenging hike or a leisurely nature walk, make sure to bring along your trusty LEKI poles for an unparalleled outdoor experience.

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Leki Poles Guide

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